De-platforming Disinformation

I was recently invited with the intelligent and beautiful Jena Miyu on her show International Free Thinkers – We are Sober (IFWAS) to rebut the recent testimony to Dr. Christina Parks. Dr. Parks has a PHD in cellular and molecular biology. She testified recently for the Michigan State Congress against vaccine mandates.

I watched her testimony and was deeply disappointed because she was using her credentials to make arguments from authority that was often positioned in fallacious ways. Her testimony has gone viral and many people on YouTube and other platforms are using her testimony to bolster the reason for more people to remain unvaccinated.

This is a dangerous thing. It is only adding to the unfortunate atmosphere of an already politicized pandemic. Jena, a nurse in the state of California, and myself tackle the herculean task of responding to Dr. Parks testimony in a fair and informed position. Please watch and thank you in advance.

  • Cynthia McDonald – Medical Case Manager, Health and Political Advocate

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“Addressing Dr. Christina Parks’s Claims” by Edward Nirenberg…

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