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Cynthia McDonald Certified Community Health, HIV Medical Case Manager & Reparationist

“Honesty is the rarest commodity in the 21st century. No one looks to the political class or journalists for truth these days. The average Joe seems to spend most of their time peddling a ludicrous, flawless Facebook version of their lives. The peer pressure of political correctness forgoes truth for the sake of group think. It seems that comedians and writers represent the last bastion of candor out there today.”

― Stewart Stafford

My name is Cynthia McDonald and this is my new blog. I had a blog called Camm Fitting Forty and Beyond where I explored life as a 40 plus year old Black woman. It focused on the nuances of life, health, and any other randomness that I could think of. I enjoyed writing that blog but I am at a different space in my life.

Since the time I started Camm Fitting Forty and Beyond, I’ve switched careers and found a new passion for advocacy. I am a HIV Medical Case Manager, a podcaster, and have joined an advocacy chapter called Freedmen Descendants of Chicago. I joined this organization after learning about the current state of Black Americans which descend from Chattel Slavery. This has also made me an advocate for reparations.

Currently, Black Americans that primarily descend from Chattel Slavery are at the lowest when it comes to wealth, health, income and education essentially classifying our group as a bottom cast. We are were projected to be at zero wealth by 2053 but that number has sped up since the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are also and are currently 40% of the Homeless despite being only 13% of the US population. Black Freedmen Descendants also lead in hypertension, II diabetes, cancers, and cardiovascular disease which in most cases are preventable conditions. Black Freedmen Americans also faces a long history of implicit biases that have caused our group to receive adverse treatment in the healthcare system. The problems that are currently faced by us are a culmination of accrued disadvantages that predate the first recorded slave ship that landed in Jamestown, VA in 1619.

I started this blog to explore the social determinants of health when it comes to Freedmen Descendants. My hope is to bring more awareness to the plight of the our group so that equity could one day be achieved for the very people whose ancestors built this country and never received recompense nor repair.

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